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Mopoon's Weapon Shop


Travel straight east from Butakis´ Elite Training Tower. Look for a cave at the edge of the forest and the mountain edge.


This is the starting area for Mopoon´s Successor Quest (Wizard Tower) and for the Jessy Castle Quest. Also serves as a store, a place to get game information, clues on fighting dragons, and a place to exchange coins for gems.

Suggested Levels:

Levels 15 or higher for "fighters" and level 20 or higher for spellcasters if you go to the quest(s). Check the other quest summaries to be sure. If you are just shopping, then level 3 or higher for all classes.

Monsters Encountered:

In the Shop: Eletric Dragons, Red Dragons, Dragon Hatchlings
Read about the others in Wizard Tower and Jessy Castle.

Items Found:

Read about it  in Wizard Tower and Jessy Castle.

Other Information:

Go the tile just east of Mopoon.

Ask him about:   "hi" / "break" / "path"  / "word".
Drop the item he wants on the tile just east of him.
He will give you a password.

If you "Say" the password you will be teleported to the entrance of Mopoon's Quests.
Careful there, its badly trapped.

Now you can be teleported to 2 areas: Mopoon's Wizard Tower Quest or Jessy Castle.

To Mopoon's Wizard Tower Quest:
Go to the marble Tile and speak the password from Mopoon again.
You got teleported to Mopoon's Wizard Tower Quest.
(Read about Wizard Tower map for more).

To Jessy Castle:
Go to the tile where the magic mouth says ":... remember Jessy".
Say "Jessy" for a few times and you get teleported to Jessy Castle. In fact you get teleported just in front of Jessy. So quaff some potions before you teleport or you are dead like a chicken.
(Read about Britannia (Brest) / Jessy Castle map for more).


Updated Map Summary Provided by:
 Michael Toennies