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This area is in the early stages of exploration.


A single tower south of Brittany, on the other side of the bay.


This map used to be part of one large map, but now it is an individual section.  When you enter the map, you are in a wide hallway with doors on both sides.  These doors take you to other map sections - they are not the kind you open with a key or lever.

Suggested Levels:

This tends to vary on a door to door basis, and will be listed for each door in their summaries.

Monsters Encountered:

  • Door #1, the first door on your left.
    Beholders and Skulls initially.  If you pull the levers you can open gates to Red Dragons, Blue Dragons, and Chinese Dragons.  Level 14 or higher for this area.  For the dragons, level 18 or higher (unless you have the necessary potions, of course.)