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Burial Ground


Wander around in the northern area of the mountain range in Lake Country.  There might be a reference to this area in Galmoru´s Hut.


A small room with webs and glue on the ground, wich prevents or slows your movement..

Suggested Levels:

Level 18, but if you don´t have the right equipment, level won´t matter.  You can´t use spells in here either.

Monsters Encountered:

Lich, Angel of Death, Vampires (sometimes)

Items Found:

4 random artifacts
2 random rings
1 random spellbook
Staff of Healing (level 20) 20 charges
Spellbook of Comet (level 12)

Other Information:

  • The floor is also trapped with Runes of Ball Lightning, glue and webs.
  • You can´t cast spells in this map.
  • Names on the gravestones can be useful in other areas.
  • Sometimes the lich is able to summon vampires, but they too, are affected by the traps on the floor.
  • Boots of Levitation are almost essential for this map.