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Chaos Lair

The entrance for this map (or the first part) is called, "Snake Pit"


The entrance is in the lowest level of the Snake Pit. You need a password and a dragonbadge to get in.


A long cave divided into 3 smaller ones.  There is also a few puzzles to solve in order to completely search the map.

Suggested Levels:

Level 35 or higher, and don´t forget to bring a large supply of potions.  And don't go there alone. I recommend a group of 2-3 and lots of potions.  It takes ages to kill all those tough monsters and gives lots of experience even in group.

Monsters Encountered:

Celestial Dragons, Chaos Dragons, Dragonmen, Dragonman Butcher, Dragonman mercenaries, Fire elementals, Great Wywern of Chaos, Statues, Wizard, Wywerns of Chaos

Items Found:

  • a few 'normal' artifact weapons (random??)
  • a few 'normal' artifact items (girdles etc) (random??)
  • Power Dragon Mail +4
    (speed +1)(ac+8)(armour+60)(Protected: fire, electricity). weight: 40 kg.
  • Dragonbane +9
    (Str +3)(speed +3)(dam +81)(slay_dragon)(Attacks: physical)(Protected: fire). weight: 64kg.
  • Chaos Sword +10
    (Str+1)(Dex+1)(Con+1)(Wis+1)(Cha+1)(Int+1)(dam+100)(magic-4)(regeneration-5)(xray-v ision)(luck-3)(Attacks: chaos)(Immune: acid)(Protected: magical, fire, electricity, cold)(Denied: Restoration, Creation) weight: 20 kg
  • Spellbook: Face of Death (level 22)
    (Spellbook covered with tiny skulls of face of death.)
  • Spellbook: Comet
    (Fiery Spellbook of Comets)

Other Information:

  • No chance of survival without potions giving immunity to fire, ice, lightning, invulnerability and ethereality.
  • Try to cast lots of earth walls to give some protected places to drink more potions when you ran out of first round.
  • The Chaos Sword is the best sword in game and is worth while. My advise is to go to up north as fast as possible and try to kill that Great Wywern... then you get the Dragonbane and the rest is much easier.
  • The Great Wywern of Chaos makes Jessy look easy.
  • Be very careful of being poisoned.
  • Make sure you have a good light source.
  • Watch out for the summon fire elemental traps - they can slow you down.
  • Careful of the special name monsters, i.e. Dragonmen, Chaos Dragons, etc.
  • Watch out for the statues and their spellcasting abilities.
  • Perhaps the toughest place in game!
  • Spells and spell effects can easily destroy the Chaos Lord´s treasure - the Face of Death spellbook.
  • When fighting the Celestial Dragons, their attacks often destroy their own treasure.


Map Summary Provided by:
 Kimmo Hoikka