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Wizard Tower


The Wizard Tower is part of Mopoon's Quest, but it can be accessed also in other ways. The tower is strange, it can be "found" in two locaitons. Head to the southeast area of Lake Country, and it is in the middle of the Swamp (Marsh Maze). Also, go to the northeast area of Lake Country, and it can be seen in the mountains there. Actually getting into the Tower is another story.

  • Mopoon: Read more on this way at Mopoon´s Weapon Shop.
  • Snake Pit: Go through the Snake Pit and then enter the "2nd Tower" (Thats the really hard way, avoid it if you can.)
  • Marsh Maze: Not all that difficult, read more on this way at Swamp (Marsh Maze)


From Mopoon, you got teleported to the start of the main quest. From Snake Pit or Swamp you have do some way and avoid traps. It is better use Mopoon's teleporter.
After finding your way into the tower, you fight your way from bottom to top. When you reach the top, you fight your way back down a different way. Several hallways and large rooms make up the layout.

Suggested Levels:

Level 25 or higher for all classes. This can be tweaked high or low depending on player knowledge and character equipment.

Monsters Encountered:

Dark Angels, Wyverns, Faerie Dragons, Trolls, Demons, Grim Reapers, Mud Para-Elementals, Earth Elementals, Water Elementals, Water Para-Elementals, Fire Para-Elementals, Ice Para-Elementals, Lightning Para-Elementals, Lava Para-Elementals, Air Para-Elementals, Air Elementals, Elemental Master Summoners, Beholders, Raas, Wild Pyromaniacs, Skulls, Dread Beholders, Behemoths, Baslics, Vampires, Dragons Hatchlings, Chinese Dragons, Red Dragons, Titans, Electric Dragons, Gaelotrolls, Dark Elves, Demon Lords, Jessy Demons, Mice, Birds, Orcs, Kobolds, Goblins, Gnolls, Mad Men, Ogres, Gnomes, Zombies, Skeletons, Ghosts, Wraiths, Journeyman Summoners, Wights, Small Trols, Giant Cobras, Hill Giants, Acid Spheres, DragonLord, Red Dragon Master, White
Dragon Master, and Blue Dragon Master, big wizards, and one Grand Master.

Items Found:

Ring of the Elements (Pro: magical, fire, electricity, cold, acid, poison)(Attuned: summoning)

Glowing Crystal

Vorpal Blade +5 (Dex +3)(dam +15)(Attacks: physical) weight: 30kg

Mithril Armor +5 (Str +1)(Con +1)(ac +4)(armor +25)

Bracers of Magical Power (ac +1)(magic +2)

Cloak of Darkness (ac +3)(Immune: acid)(Vulnerable: fire)

Belzebub´s Shield +2 (ac +4)(armor +15)(Protected: depletion)

Dragon Shield +2 (ac +1)(armor +8)(Protected: fire, cold)

Box, weight limit 166.7kg

Dragon Mail of Prowress +3 (Str +2)(Con +2)(Int -5)(ac +6)(armor +50)(Protected: fire)

Belzebub´s Sword +7 (Con +2)(Int +1)(dam +17)(magic +1) (slay_angel)(Attacks: physical, acid)(Immune: confusion, drain)(Protected: magical) weight: 15kg

Amulet of the Magic (Wis +2)(Int +2)(magic +5)(Protected: magical)

Boots (armor +3)(levitate)

Midnight Robe +5 (Dex +1)(Wis +2)(Int +2)(ac +5)(reflect spells) (Immune acid)(Protected: magical, fire, cold, drain, slow paralyze) (Vulnerable: ghosthit, depletion)

Staff of Magic +5 (Wis +1)(Int +2)(dam +20)(magic +2)(attacks: physical, weaponmagic)(Protected: magical) weight: 4.5kg

Wizard Hat (Int +2)(ac +1)(magic +5)(Protected: fire, cold, drain, slow, paralyze)

Other Information:

The Mopoon Quest part has the items and better monsters.

This part of the dungeon is straight, but if you have make your way to the 2 balrogs style demons (special named Jessy Demons.) You will get 2 keys (Jing, Jang) from them.

Then you have 2 choices:

If you open the door south you got teleported in the lower part of the tower and get the Midnight Robe, Staff of Magi and Wizard Hat. (You can see this room if you make it to the tower from the Marsh Maze - Swamp.)

But there is a hidden map part in the north east corner. There is a tricky wall part you can go through. Open the doors there and you will see another teleporter.

From the lich, one level below, you have a note. Say the word from the note and you get teleported ... into a room with a bunch of big wizards. So quaff some potions... you got the point. After one more Wizard you will see the biggest treasure chamber in game which has Belzebub´s Sword and most of the other items you read above.

Updated Map Summary Provided by:
 Michael Toennies