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Swamp (Marsh Maze)


Follow the river south, and then follow the coastline east. This area is in the southeastern portion of Lake Country.


A difficult terran to deal with due to slow movement. Teleporters are used to travel to other areas of the wamp. You have to watch for clues for the location of the teleporters.

Suggested Levels:

Level 15 or higher for all classes

Monsters Encountered:

Green Slime, Water Elementals, Basalics, Hill Giants, Acid Spheres, Killer Bees, Spiders, Skulls, Panthers, Trees, Ents, Trolls, Bats, Birds, Unicorns, Vikings

Other Information:

You can enter the Wizard Tower from here. Walk into the square on the NW corner of the swamp, and you will find yourself in a swampy maze. Each part of the maze is connected by magical mud: specific spots on the map has mud that forms a mouth and waits for your command. Say 'slurp' and it takes you into the next connected part of the map. Head for the SE corner of the swamp, and you will find yourself at the base of the Wizard Tower in the swamp. Note that you cannot actually enter through the door because the key does not exist anymore; but you *can* use Dimension Door to get in.