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Lord Butakis' Elite Training Tower


The tower is southeast of the ship you arrive on, near a small lake, in Lake Country.


The tower has several levels, each level has a different difficulty level. Each level also has a different set-up. Meaning one is a maze, other is a large room, etc. Make sure to read the signs found in the tower.

Suggested Levels:

Depends on the level you travel to, follow the suggestions on the signs.

Monsters Encountered:

Level 1:
Castle Guards and Ninja Master, Galla (non-aggressive NPC)

Level 2:
Mad Men, Goblins, Gnolls, Orcs, Ogres, Dark Elves

Level 3:
Cunning Gnomes, Small Trolls, Hill Giants, Xans, Killer Bees, Scorpions, Wyverns, Trees

Level 4:
Ghosts, Skeletons, Wraiths, Wights, Ghasts, Nightmares, Grim Reapers, Vampires, Spectres, Dark Panther

Level 5:
Water Elementals, Water Para-Elementals, Master Water Summoners

Level 6:
Fire Elementals, Demon Lords, Demons, Angels

Items Found:

Undead Banisher +3
(item_power +4) (dam+5)(item_power +4)(weapon speed 4)
(slay undead)
(Attacks: physical)
The item has a story:
The Banisher glows with fierce bright light.
You feel its hunger for power.

Other Information:

  • Talk to Ninja Master, Galla - he will grant you access to the upper levels and provides useful advice
  • Level 1 contain beds of reality which allow you to safely log out of the game
  • Warning 1:
    Do not litter on teleporters, or other transporters; or have it littered. That will stop it from properly functioning
  • Warning 2:
    Speciall named monsters may be a lot harder than others of its kind. They selected out of its kind to perform certain functions
  • Stairs will take you to the next level up (ie, level 1 to level 2, level 2 to level 3, etc.) or you can take a teleporter directly to a specific level
  • Training Fees:
    • Level 2: six foods or 10 platinum coins
    • Level 3: 100 platinum coins or fifteen foods or 500 gold coins or twelve small diamonds
    • Level 4: 250 platinum coins or thirty diamonds
    • Level 5: sixty small diamonds or 500 platinum coins
    • Level 6: 500 platinum coins or sixty diamonds
  • All the signs provide you very useful information for solving that particular map/room/level
  • Make sure you have protection from Drain for level 4
  • The special dust on level 4 works just like a key - it "opens" particular sections of the wall allowing you to proceed. Use this dust carefully!
  • The terrain can really slow down your movement on level 5
  • Watch out for the summoning runes on level 6
  • Make sure you have Fire protection for level 6 as well