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Snake Pit

Part of this area is called, "Lair of Chaos" or "The Chaos Lair"


Go to Mopoon Weapon Shop, while standing on the shop entrance (cave) travel 2 north, then 3 east, look for a hidden cave entrance.


A dark cavern set-up with multiple levels each consisting of secret doors and entrances.  The terrain makes movement very slow and difficult.  Also, quite a few puzzles to solve this quest.

Suggested Levels:

Level 25 to 30 for all classes, just to be cautious.

Monsters Encountered:

Black Metallic Serpents, Vampires, Liches, Demi Liches, Ghosts, Spectres, Dwarven Priests, Sphinx, Snakes, Chaos Wyverns, Red Dragons, Demon Lords, Dragonmen, Lightning Speed Metallic Serpents, Wyverns, Red Dragon Hatchlings, Dark Angels

Items Found:

Venomtooth +3 (speed +1)(dam +30)(luck+1)(Attacks: physical, poison, fear, depletion)(Immune: poison)(Protected: ghosthit, fear) weight: 30kg

Golden Unicorn Horn (Rod: Restoration)

Rod of Knowledge of Identify (lvl 20)

Spellbook: Meteor Swarm (lvl 12)

Spellbook: Destruction (lvl 18)

Dragonbane +9 (Str +3)(speed +3)(dam +81)(slay_dragon)(Attacks: physical)(Protected: fire) weight: 64kg

Other Information:

  • Bring a reliable light source, since the dungeon is dark.
  • Levitation boots are handy, make sure you can switch out of them quickly if you have to escape to another level.
  • Watch out for the monsters with special or unique names.
  • Nearly all monsters have special attack types - make sure you are at least protected from them.
  • Better yet, organize your equipment to provide immunities - equipment like rings does not have a duration; unlike potions.
  • Certain items obtained work as keys too.