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Ebony Tiger Thief Guild


Follow the river south, until it comes to the bay, then follow the shoreline east.  This area is on the southern shore of Lake Country.  Enter GalmoruĀ“s Hut, and follow the clues to the entrance.


Just inside this map, you are quizzed and tested to see if you are worthy to join the Thief Guild.  If you succeed, then you have access to a small store with unique potions.  Also there are quests for some extremely powerful items here as well.

Suggested Levels:

Level 15 or higher.

Monsters Encountered:

Giant Black Tigers, GuildMaster, Bodyguards

Items Found:

Actually, these items are part of the quest.  You need to return with the right items to obtain them.  Works just like the crowns in Lake Country Gem Shop.

  • Essence of Flame
    Requires: Heart of Joey
  • Amulet of Poisoning
    Requires: Figurine of Xan
  • Plate Mail of Courage
    (Str +1)(Ac +5)(armour +40)(Immune: fear)
    Requires: Dust of Fierce Spectre
  • Chainmail of Winter
    Requires: Jade Snake & Gold Bug
  • Bracers Great Protection of Dexterity
    (Str -1)(Dex +2)(Int +1)(Protected: physical)
    Requires: Thunderfist
  • Ring of Legends
    (Str +2)(Dex +2)(Con +2)
    Requires: 30,000 diamonds
  • Gauntlets
    Requires: Fragment of Chaos

In the store, the following potions are available:

  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Potion of Static Protection
  • Potion of Clear Mind
    Immune Confusion
  • Potion of Courage
    Immune Fear
  • Dragon Firebreath
  • Dragon Icebreath
  • Awesome Morning Breath
    Poison Cloud surrounds you
  • Haste Self

Other Information:

  • Be prepared for all the traps.
  • Look for hidden entrances and exits.
  • Not all keys, appear as "keys"