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Ancient ruins


Ruins on the little island south of Red Island. It can only be reached via the undersea tunnel underneath the beach on Red Island.


You reach the island from taking the south tunnel of the caves underneath the beach on Red Island. The portal in the jungle leads to the endgame of the God Finger quest (although you have to actually complete the quest to enter the room). Leave the jungle and enter the ruins.

The keys to the three doors upstairs in the ruins are all found within the ruins maps. You just have to look carefully...

Once you have assembled all the required items as described by the notes in To-jyo's hut, head down for the hole next to the ruins. Place the items on the brightened squares to open the way to Shining Tower. Be careful; there are nasty traps on the way.

The Shining Tower is at the end of the passage, buried under the sea through the course of time.

Monsters Encountered:

In the ruins: Goblins, dogs.

Underneath ruins: red dragons, ice dragons, Dreads, Titans.

Items Obtained:

Crown of Odo.

Other Information:

Can't find some of the required items? Have no fear; the technology of the ancients who built Shining Tower is not very advanced. Just use cheap substitutes for the items you can't find.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH