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Practice Houses


Along the north wall of Red Town, on Red Island.


One big room with a lot of monsters and generators behind a gate.

Suggested Levels:

  • Level 3-4 for Practice 1
  • Level 4-6 for Practice 2
  • Level 6-7 for Practice 3

Monsters Encountered:

  • Practice 1-Goblins and Gnolls
  • Practice 2-Ogres and Madmen
  • Practice 3-Skeletons and Zombies.

Items Found:

Key1, Key2, Key3 in their appropriate house.

Other Information:

  • This is a great place for gaining some easy EXP.
  • The keys also unlock some good treasure and a random artifact (if you know where to find it).

Map Summary Provided by:
Chris Sconyers