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Shining Tower


Buried under the sea in the vicinity of Red Island. Reachable from a tunnel under the ruins on the island south of Red Island.


This tower contains a lot of artifact items. Some of them cannot be all obtained in one go; one is randomly picked and you have to come back again later and hope you chance upon the others. The Idaten Boots is probably the one armour in the game that gives you the biggest speed boost.

Also, at the end of the tower, being honest will get you rewarded more than if you're greedy.

Suggested Levels:

Level 12 to 30, depending on how far you go.

Monsters Encountered:

Neko-chan, angels, wild pyromaniacs, dancing Beelzebub's swords (VERY dangerous!), Balrogs.

Items Obtained:

Harakiri Sword (Str+1)(Dex+1)(dam+30)
Idaten boots (speed +20)(armour +3)
Kabuto of Geisya [helmet] (Wis+1)(Cha+2)(Int+1)(ac+3)(armour +10)
Shining Finger [gauntlets] (Str+2)(armour +3)(dam+3)(speed +1)
Miscellaneous treasure.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH