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J.Griffin's hut


One of the huts on the southwest corner of Red Town.


A snobbish gentleman and stairs behind locked doors. You'll have to talk to the other residents in town to tease the secret out of him. As with everything else in Pupland, pay very careful attention to what NPCs say to you.

Items Obtained:

Notes containing important information about the quests on Red Island.

Other Information:

Here is how J.Griffin's strange upper chamber works: it is divided into two areas, the apparently empty north area, and the south area where the gates and electric walls are. Each square in the north area has a hidden pedestal that activates the corresponding gate in the south area. The idea is to place items (silver coins work well) on the floor in the north area in such a way that the gates push the notes at the far end of the room up to within your reach, without getting them destroyed by the electric walls.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH