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Red Island Beach


The sandy beach on the south side of Red Island.


Tourists are having fun out here, enjoying the water and the sun. There's even a safety net to prevent people from going too deep in the water. Apparently there's a very strong current farther out from the shore. Visitors are, of course, warned away from it; but what adventurer wouldn't be curious about this strange current?

Suggested Levels:

None, as long as you are a well-behaved tourist and stay only within the safety net. Levels 4-5 if you are a misbehaving, overly-curious adventurer; higher if you weren't deterred by the initial scary experience. ;-)

Monsters Encountered:

Gnolls, goblins.

Other Information:

The dangerous current is, in fact, a cleverly-hidden secret entrance to the underground caves where Red Island's quests begin. To actually pass the entrance, though, you will need to have talked with the hiding guy in the watch tower.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH