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God Finger quest


In the caves underneath Red Island. (Please see the description of the Underground Caves for details on how to reach here.)


This quest requires 4 players. The quest is essentially a symbolic replay of the legend of four ancient heroes. Important details of the story are revealed as you explore the caves underneath Red Island and talk to NPCs and discover clues.

The God Finger quest caves are divided into 7 levels, with increasing difficulty and different puzzles to solve. Each level requires a password to enter. Some of the clues to the password are very cleverly hidden; for one of them, you even need to take to heart an obscure clue hidden in the south lighthouse of the main Pupland continent.

The first level is where you first enter from the Red Island beach, and coincides with the entrance to the Shining Tower quest. Here, the players have to outwit the serpentman Bizuzu and piece together the story of the Four Heroes. Some parts of this level lead to other places; one of the underground rivers is a one-way journey to the eastern part of the main Pupland continent. This can be annoying, because you will have to solve (or have solved in the past) a whole bunch of unrelated Pupland puzzles in order to get back out.

The second level is a very tricky labyrinth of misty tunnels, with beholders and Dreads and the typical Puplandish map-it-out-square-by-square teleport-back puzzles. Near the end, the 4 heroes fight a powerful spirit called Black.

The third level sees the 4 heroes descending into a fiery underworld of lava and demons, and fighting named dragons. NOTE: the Show Invisible spell is required to complete this stage of the quest.

In the fourth level, the heroes reach a long lost underground temple, and have to outsmart a thief who is also seeking treasure.

The fifth level is where 4 players are physically required. Here, the heroes split up into 4 different passages, and have to fight their way through each one. All four players are needed to activate a 4-step sequence.

The sixth level is the showdown where the heroes join battle in a big hall filled with monsters.

The seventh level is the endgame, where the 4 players reach the graves of the 4 legendary heroes. The journey is done; all that is needed are flowers on the graves to complete the memorial of the 4 ancient heroes. Placing the flowers reveals the quest artifacts.

Suggested Levels:

Each of the 4 players should be level 20 or above, if you wish to complete the quest.

Monsters Encountered:

Skeletons, serpentmen, ice dragons, dwarves, beholders, Dreads, Black spirit, thieves, demons, ghosts, demilichs, spectres, nightmares, zombies, red dragons, electric dragons, Titans.

Items Obtained:

Shining Finger [gauntlets] (Str+2)(armour +3)(dam+3)(speed +1)
God Finger [gauntlets] (invisibility)(Str+2)(Dex-1)(armour +3)(speed +1)
Amulet of lifesaving (lifesaving)
Many other miscellaneous treasure.

Other Information:

It can be a bit disappointing that while 4 players are required to complete the quest, there are only 2 artifact items at the end of the quest. The players should be aware of this and be in agreement before undertaking the quest. :-)

The Show Invisible spell is required in some parts of the quest. Be sure to be appropriately equipped.

It is actually possible, using heavy trickery, to complete the quest with only one player; however, that requires prior knowledge of the layout of the maps, and the exact route one must take so that events happen in the right sequence. Four players are still recommended for maximum enjoyment.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH