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Watch Tower


Where you arrive on Red Island after taking the dragon from Pupland Terminal.


An innocent-looking terminal with a strong holiday resort theme. There is a children's picture book in the room downstairs -- this is apparently a family vacation destination...

Or not. Pay the fee to climb up the tower. Especially pay attention to the arrangement of furniture and what NPCs say to you inside the tower. If you like pretty scenery, go to the top of the tower and watch the dragons flying in from Pupland Terminal.

Suggested Levels:

There is nothing to fight here, so anyone who can afford the entrance fee can freely explore this area. However, to solve the puzzle here, you will need to help to find the hidden. In fact, you'll need to see the invisible...

Other Information:

You will need the Show Invisible spell to fully solve the puzzle in this map. Take careful note of what the hiding tower owner says to you; it is the key to the quests on Red Island.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH