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Underground caves


Underneath the innocent-looking beach on Red Island. You get here by being daring and riding the strong current from the beach.


These caves are the starting point of Red Island's quests. After you pass the first entrance guarded by the gnolls and goblins, you will find yourself in an underground chamber with four exits. The north and east exits are part of the God Finger quest; the south exit is part of the Shining Tower quest. The west exit is a treasure room; the key is somewhere in these first level of caves.

Suggested Levels:

Level 7-15, depending on how far you go. Much higher if you follow through to the end of one of the quests. (See descriptions of individual quests for more details.)

Monsters Encountered:

Skeletons, bats, ants, goblins, serpentmen, ice dragons.

Other Information:

The God Finger quest requires 4 players. You will need to have collected enough clues from the surface of Red Island before proceeding on the quest. See the God Finger quest link for more details.

The Shining Tower quest can be completed by a single player. Take the south passage which leads under the sea to the ruins on the island south of Red Island. See the description of the Ruins for more details.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH