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Adventurers Guild


A two story, dark red building east of the fountain in the town square of Stoneville.


A very nice guild for adventurers, with nice facilities. If you can get the key, that is. The key is tied to a Dread beholder in a small room beside the inner gates, which you have to kill if you want a key. Whoever thought of that idea is probably the same architect who designed the adventurous shop :-)

Once you have the key, you can access very nice facilities.

On the first floor, there is an alchemy room with a cauldron and various boxes and stuff for storing ingredients for your experiments. Next to that is a library. Opposite the library is an interesting room where you can drop items to give to other players -- items left in that room will not disappear when the map is reset. Then on the north wing there is a monster exhibit -- but take care not to provoke any of the monsters (they are live). Above the monster exhibit is an artifact exhibit that you can drool over (they can't be picked up, though, so don't even think about it :-P). Opposite that is a little shop and tables for changing your money. On the far north are a row of little apartments that you can buy with various items (such as dread eyes or dragon

The second floor features a place with altars to the different cults and one unaligned altar for whoever isn't represented. There is a firing room for testing out area spells and the like, and also three practice areas. Be careful of the practice areas though -- they are very high-level.

The stairs to the third floor leads to a little room with some healing runes and magic recharge runes that you may find helpful. (Unfortunately, there are only 4 runes in total, so if somebody has used it recently, it won't be there.) Outside this room is a cafeteria with more practice rooms off to the east. There is also a dragon transport that takes you to the 4th floor of the Adventurous Shop (but beware that it will land you next to an electric dragon, a chinese dragon, and a small red dragon, so prepare yourself). The cafeteria has some free food and also tables for buying food.

There's a heavily trapped area on the north side of the cafeteria that leads to some treasures and a storage room for food. Be careful of the traps -- most of them are extremely dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

Suggested Levels:

You need to kill a Dread just to enter the place, so let's say somewhere around level 18-20 at least? Once inside, however, you don't need to be very high-level as long as you avoid the practice areas and the trapped areas.

Monsters Encountered:

The Key Dread (the Dread beholder that has the key to the door), guards, a homesick sphinx, and various NPC's. The exhibit has a behemoth, demiliches, a titan, a dragon, a giant wizard, a skull, and one or two others (but you really shouldn't kill any of them...) The practice rooms have beholders, Dreads, skulls, vampires and various undead; various elementals and para-elementals, black puddings and other acidic miscreants; dragons and other big nasties, including a Balrog somewhere on the second floor.

(I may have missed other monsters, as I haven't fully explored all the practice areas yet).

Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH