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House by Well

No further information is currently available for this map.


Follow the road in the southwest corner of the town square of Stoneville. Eventually you will see a white house with a brown roof, just south of a well.


A single level map with all the necessary features of a permanent apartment. Like the sign says, "This is a private home for adventurers, kept in typical dungeon style to make you feel at home."

Suggested Levels:

There are a few traps in here, and an area that requires a mid-level mage spell to access - a level 10 character should be able to take full advantage of the abode.

Monsters Encountered:


Other Information:

  • They key for this house is acquired at the Key Sale House
  • Careful of the hidden trap runes
  • There is only one key to this map, once you have it, you get exclusive bragging rights