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The Adventurous Shop


A white house with a brown roof on the western side of the town square of Stoneville.


A novel idea of a shop design. This shop is unusual in that in order to gain access to the goods, you must fight the monsters that barricade your way. There are several levels to the shop, each with increasing difficulty.

The first level has mosquito eggs producing poisonous xans, and beholders. Not too bad. The tree guarding the door to the goods is merely a little nuisance.

The stairs to the second level land you in the middle of a circle of beholders. You may not think much of beholders, but when there are that many of them and all of them fires at you simultaneously, things are not pleasant as you might think.

The stairs to the third level land you in the middle of a circle of skulls. Again, not a joking matter if you don't have the right protections.

The fourth level features extremely nasty demiliches. Good thing they are not aggressive... however, there are a lot of them around, and they move fast; so it's all too easy to accidentally bump into one of them. And once that one starts blowing icestorms at you, it will invariably hit another one, and so on, until you find yourself facing an army of demiliches... not a very pleasant experience. There is a heavily trapped corner to the northeast that has a random artifact. Be careful; don't trigger the traps so that they hit the demiliches, otherwise you're in deep trouble.

The fifth level has an electric dragon, a chinese dragon, and a small red dragon. There is also a large red dragon; however, it's not a "real" monster -- it's a transport that takes you to the top floor of the Stoneville Guild. One way to access the higher floors of the shop without facing the skulls (which may actually be harder than killing the upper floor monsters in certain cases) is to fly into this floor from the Guild.

The next floor is guarded by two giant wizards, Narwel and Garwel. Beware, big wizards are extremely nasty (although if you are really clever and know the right spells, you might be able to kill them without needing a LOT of protections.)

The floor after that has some skulls and other monsters (but I've not actually cleared it out to know for sure). AFAIK, that is the top floor of the shop.

Suggested Levels:

If you have protection against poison (or have cures) and can kill a small number of beholders, you can handle the first floor. Upper floors will definitely require much higher levels; calculate appropriately.

Monsters Encountered:

Trees, xans, beholders, skulls, demiliches, electric dragon, chinese dragon, small red dragon, giant wizards (and perhaps one or two others).


Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH