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Dark Elf House


A brown cabin in the northeast corner of the town square in Stoneville.


A single level map that starts out in a hallway and opens up into a larger room which connects to multiple rooms blocked by gates. A smaller room has a spike wall that you need to figure out how to open.

Suggested Levels:

Level 6 to 8

Monsters Encountered:

Dark elves, demons, bats, ghosts, xans, raas, gnolls, mice, snakes, ogres, beholders

Other Information:

  • When you first enter the map, watch out for the dark elves and any wands they might be carrying
  • The levers all hold a nasty surprise - make sure you leave an escape route
  • If you panic and end up in a short hallway, when you try to flee again - don't expect the fight to get any easier