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Follow the road in the southwest corner of the town square of Stoneville. Eventually you will see the entrance which looks like a well.


A single large room with a small chamber at the far side. The large room is heavily trapped with extremely dangerous traps. The initial area is filled with falling rocks traps, and the entire floor of the room (including the initial area) is covered with demon-summoning runes. Because the runes are packed close together, trigger one of them usually triggers the entire room's worth of runes. This means that one mistake while disarming the traps will surround you with a room full of demons in an instant.

The switch at the end opens the small enclosed area where a red dragon is waiting to kill whoever survived the demons. If you manage to get past it, you will be rewarded with a random artifact item.

If you have the proper protections, this map is ideal for sharpening your mental skills in finding the traps and agility skills in disarming them -- there are two per square for some distance from the entrance ladder, and one per square outside that area. Just stand on a safe spot and search until you find all the traps. The disarming part is very dangerous, though, so you need proper protections against falling rocks and demons.

Suggested Levels:

Levels 10-12 if you're *extremely* careful and avoid the dragon. Much higher (probably 18-20 or more) if you intend to kill the dragon as well.

Monsters Encountered:

Demons, red dragon.

Items Found:

One random artifact item.

Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH