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Dreadful House


In the far southwest corner of Stoneville, near the mountains, look for a building made of gray stone and a brown roof.


A series of connected rooms, with very, very dangerous monsters. A woman blocks your way at the entrance and warns you that only a fool would enter into the house. And it is true... well, unless you're an extremely powerful character; then you may not be such a fool.

The Dreadful Monster immediately past the woman is the first test of whether you really should be in this house. If you can't kill a Dread beholder with impunity, don't expect to live for the rest of the map.

Suggested Levels:

Levels 20 and above, perhaps a little less if you have the right equipment and are *extremely* careful.

Monsters Encountered:

Dread beholders (the Dreadful monster), beholders, skulls, ghosts, wraiths, vampires, demiliches, scorpions, earth elementals, stalkers, nightmares, panthers, giant bats, green slimes, acid bubbles, fire elementals, wild pyromaniacs, giant spiders, ghasts, grimreapers, guards, rustmonsters, behemoths, firechests.

Note that these monsters often come in the most dangerous combinations, so you must be very careful with your equipment.

Items Found:

Random treasure, potion of restoration, potion of improvement, healing potion.

Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH