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Beginners 2


A brown cabin at the northern portion of the town square in Stoneville. More specifically, it is the cabin in the exact middle of that row.


A single level map containing rooms and hallways seperated by locked doors. Signs provide a mini-tutorial for new players - but the traps and other features make this map a little more then just a newbie map.

Suggested Levels:

Around level 4 or 5 because of the skeletons and traps.

Monsters Encountered:

Mice, large centipedes, kobolds, skeletons

Other Information:

There are a number of signs that warn you on what to expect in the next room or down the hall

  • Test a door for traps before you open it or you may regret it.
    • The door is trapped with a random trap rune
  • Always check chests for traps, some are trapped as well!
    • The chest is trapped with a random trap rune
  • If you enter this corridor and don't react fast, you will die!
    • Rune of Blasting is at the end of the hallway
  • Check for Traps before entring this corridor.
    • Rune of Confusion in front of the door.
  • You must learn when to fight, and when NOT to fight!
    • Warning you that the skeletons might be too tough for you
  • Not all that looks alike is the same.
    • Normal gravestone looks just like the skeleton generator
  • You can use the levers to open up the spike wall, or could time it and try to run through the spike walls that are opening and closing automatically