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Well of Intelligence


Follow the road that leads east out of the town square of Stoneville. Take the first intersection north and you will see the map entrance, which is a well.


This map is divided up into separate chambers which you access by either pulling levers or solving puzzles. The layout is on a single level with a treasure room at the end.

Suggested Levels:

Due to the density and mixture of monsters this map contains, the minimum character level is around 20.

Monsters Encountered:

Mice, hill giants, snakes, castle guards, cunning gnomes, blobs, skeletons, ghosts, demons, wights, wraiths, vampires, grim reapers, beholders, giant cobras, scorpions, small trolls, red dragons, water elementals, air elementals, fire elementals, mystic fists, stalkers, giant bats, slime, acid spheres, evil treants, wyverns, chinese dragons, angels, skulls

Items Found:

In addition to the random treasure that the monsters are carrying.

  • Random stat potion
  • Ring of adornment
  • Random book
  • Random scroll
  • Glowing Crystal
  • Random balm
  • Random gems and jewels

Other Information:

  • Some of the puzzles can be solved by a single player with carefully summoned help
  • Plan your attack route carefully, you don't want any boulders stuck in a corner
  • The signs in front of the doors offer very helpful hints on what to expect next
  • Once you have the treasure, leaving with it is another challenge