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Enter at Own Risk


A brown cabin in the southeast corner of the town square in Stoneville.


A single level map divided into small chambers by locked doors. Each room has a large mixture of monsters. Overall, the map is very small.

Suggested Levels:

Level 15 or higher

Monsters Encountered:

Dogs, mice, spiders, hill giants, small trolls, raaz, xan, snakes, slime, pixies, birds, demons, ghosts, grim reapers, rust monsters, scorpions, vampires, stalkers, beholders, dark elves, castle guards

Other Information:

  • The monster population might be small - but the attack_type variety from the monsters vary across the board
  • If you need it, there's an escape route in one of the rooms
  • Careful with your attack plan - you wouldn't want to block the exit with a barrel or boulder
  • There are a couple of monsters in this map that do not require a generator to replicate