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Island Tour


One of the docks at Wolfsburg, three rowboats on a single pier.


Three boats that lead to islands, with some more rowboats waiting to go to other islands.

  • The first Wolfsburg boat leads to an island where you need a special key to gain access.  The key is located somewhere in Wolfsburg.
  • The second Wolfsburg boat takes you to an island where 3 other boats are waiting.  Those boats take you to a jungle (appears incomplete), Treasure Island, and Captain Connor´s Stronghold (various sized rooms, connected by locked doors and hallways.)
  • The third Wolfsburg boat takes you to a single island, which is essentail for Treasure Island, and Wolfsburg boat 1.

Suggested Levels:

Level 5 to 7 for "fighters" and level 9 or higher for spellcasters.  A good test is how well you can handle Vikings, since the pirates here are about as tough.

Monsters Encountered:

Listed by location:

  • Boat 1: Pirate Skeletons
  • Boat 2: Boat to Jungle (doesn´t look like it is open), Boat to Treasure Island (Pirate Guards) and Connors Rowboat  that takes you to Captain Connor´s Stronghold (Pirate Guards)
  • Boat 3: Special Name Pirate (pretty easy)

Items Found:

Treasure Map (part of the quest)
Magic shovel (part of the quest)

Other Information:

When fighting at Captain Connor´s Stronghold, watch out for trapped doors.
Use the hallways in the Stronghold to avoid being surrounded.
Watch for traps at Treasure Island, if your not careful, all the treasure could be lost..