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Old Tower


The single, short tower in the west central area of Wolfsburg.


The map is sectioned off into rooms and hallways and contains three levels connected by stairs leading down. The first level is short and easy. The second level has two castle guards preventing you from going any further - if you can't get past them, then the final two levels are too difficult for you. If you do proceed to the lower levels, be prepared for the dungeon crawl and search for concealed areas.

Suggested Levels:

For level 1, level 2 or 3 for all classes
For level 2 and 3, level 10 or higher for all classes

Monsters Encountered:

Level 1:
kobolds, orcs, goblins, ghosts

Level 2:
castle guards, grim reapers, demons, ghosts, demons, madmen, wyverns, stalkers, beholders, panthers, hill giants, ogres, death tree, demons, angels

Level 3:
scorpions, skulls, beholders, pixies, titans, castle guards, trolls

Other Information:

  • You have to kill the Castle Guards not to far from the stairs to continue on level two
  • There are only a few ghosts on level one
  • Breakable walls on level two
  • All your hard work and progress could easily come to a halt if a boulder gets stuck in a corner
  • You can break down walls, open gates with levers or use a teleporter to access the different rooms on level three
  • There's quite a few monsters on this map that like to use large area of effect spells