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Slave Pit 2


One of the brown "holes" (there are three of them in a row) in the south east area of the middle of Wolfsburg.  There is a small warning sign pointing to the pits as well.


This map has a large chamber with levers that open gates which have rooms of monsters (populations vary.)

Suggested Levels:

For a couple of the rooms, as level 7 (maybe 6) but for the others, level 8 or 9.

Monsters Encountered:

Raas, Pixies, Ogres, Small Trolls, Hill Giants, Trees, Xans, Snakes, Spiders, Giant Cobras, Madmen, Dark Elves

Other Information:

Make sure to only pull one level at a time, no sense it making it harder for yourself.
Look around for a concealed room.