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Well to Catacombs


The well along the northern wall of Wolfsburg. It's a few steps from the northern gate, and probably an equal distance from the western wall.


A multi level dungeon crawl full of danger and mass carnage everywhere. A large maze for the first level and it slowly evolves into a hallway and chamber map on the later levels.

Suggested Levels:

Level 10+

Monsters Encountered:

Level 1:
bats, cunning gnomes, ants, ghosts, giant bat, castle guard, slime, large centipedes, scorpions

Level 2:
zombies, ghosts, bats, scorpions, pixies

Level 3:
large centipedes, acid spheres, vampires, skeletons, grim reapers

Level 4 (south):
spiders, large centipedes, xans,

Level 4 (east):
hill giants, raas, demons

Level 4 (north):
nightmares, trolls, scorpions

Level 5:
madmen, black pudding, violent fungi, green slime, acid spheres, nightmares, earth elementals, beholders, killer bees, fire elementals, giant bats, scorpions, cunning gnomes, spiders

Other Information:

  • Watch out for the special name monsters
  • The oak doors do -not- lead back to the surface
  • Which lever opens which gate? It could take you a while to find out...
  • Once you're in, getting out is another challenge
  • In order to access certain areas, you may find yourself going back up to the previous level