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Short Tower


The small tower along the north wall (west of the Prison) in Wolfsburg. It's located in the corner between the northern gate and the wall surrounding the prison.


This map is split between two levels. The upper level is more difficult then the lower level due to the variety of monsters and their attack_types. On each level, all the rooms are connected together by a hallway or locked doors. However, on level two, there are gates that can only be opened with a lever. In order to explore the enter floor you will need to find access to these levers.

Suggested Levels:

Level 6 to 8

Monsters Encountered:

Level 1:
kobolds, wyverns, ghosts, goblins, castle guards, slime, stalkers, green slime

Level 2:
kobolds, orcs, ogres, birds, goblins, scorpions, madmen, wyverns, beholders, trolls, hill giants, castle guards, stalkers, xans, acid spheres, skulls, bats, demons

Other Information:

  • If you value your equipment - open doors carefully
  • If you value your life - open doors carefully
  • In many areas, opening one door will cause multiple doors to open. What you thought was a hallway could open end up as a massive room.