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Stairs Down to Cellar


The small, brown log cabin along the northern wall of Wolfsburg - just a few steps to the west of northern gate.


This is a single level dungeon map consisting of large rooms connected by narrow hallways. Many of the rooms require you to break through earth walls to find them, not to mention locating a lever or two to access more obvious areas.

Suggested Levels:

Level 10 for all classes, around level 15 to plunder the entire map

Monsters Encountered:

Beholders, chinese dragons, demons, skulls, hill giants, goblins, trolls, castle guards, green slime, black pudding, scorpions, panthers, wraiths, dreads, bullet walls, demon lords, skeletons, ogres, bees, wyverns, dragons, pixies, hill giants, madmen, bats

Other Information:

  • The location of the demon lord can really surprise you
  • Which lever opens the spike wall?
  • Make sure you have an escape route from the large room south of the entrance - those monsters like to use wands and scrolls
  • If you're careful, you can wait until the very end to fight all the dragons