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Wolfsburg Prison


A large, gray building in the north central area of Wolfsburg.  It is very close to the northern wall, and has walls surrounding it as well.  You also see the word "Prison" on the outside of it.


A large chamber that has seperate cells, that can be opened with levers.  Monster population varies in each cell, and some of the cells have generators.

Suggested Levels:

Depends on how many monsters have been created with the generators.  Level 8 to 10 for all classes should do all right.

Monsters Encountered:

Unicorn, Wraiths, Wild Pyromaniacs, Air Elementals, Earth Elementals, Water Elementals, Fire Elementals, Demons, Beholders, Baby Trolls, Ghosts

Other Information:

Be careful with the Wild Pyromaniacs.  If you donĀ“t kill them fast enough the bomb blasts could easily kill you.