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Twin Towers


Two side-by-side towers in the east central area of Wolfsburg.  The towers have a wall surrounding them and a grass courtyard.


When you enter the map, Wounded knights tell you that monsters have overtaken the towers and captured the princess.  After that, is a single hallway that twists and turns like a maze, with an occasional room.  You start out in Tower 1- level 1, and then go to Tower 2 - level 1, and then Tower 2 - level 2, and head back to Tower 1- level 2.  The "entrance" to Tower 1 - level 2 is concealed, and you have to find it. 

Suggested Levels:

The difficulty increases as you progress through the towers.  Level 1 for both towers are pretty much the same, and a Level 7 character shouldn´t have much of a problem.  Level 2 of Tower 2 is a little harder, but possible for a level 7 character.  Level 2 of Tower 1 is the hardest, but a level 8 or 9 character with a careful attack plan should be able to complete this.

Monsters Encountered:

Lightning Para-elemental, Earth Para-elemental, Fire Para-elemental, Water Para-elemental, Ice Para-elemental, Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Water Elemental
After this you have special name Monsters:
Dust Devil, Lava Man, Greater Earth Elemental, Tsunami, Water Sphere, Black Fire

Other Information:

Water spheres attack with acid.
The special name monsters at Tower 1 - level 2 are much tougher.
Talk to the princess for some important hints and possible rewards.