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A red barn in the north west corner of Wolfsburg.  It is the only one that is open in that area.


Three large rectangles connected by hidden door ways.  The fourth room has walls dividing it into sections.

Suggested Levels:

Level 8 or 9 for all classes

Monsters Encountered:

Bums (look like Madmen, and are about as tough), Ogre Squatters (just like regular Ogres,), Homeless Trolls (about as tough as baby trolls, but have bright green skin,) Filty Gnomes

Other Information:

The gnomes like to run away, and are very fast.
Alot of the monster here throw things at you.
You have to search a little bit to find the entry ways to the other rooms.
It is easy to get surrounded in here.

CVS update on 12-Feb-01

  • Map has new floor tiles.