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A Little Opara


White Building with columns in Santo Dominion just south of the docks.


An Opera house setup whose guests and performers do not like to be disturbed. There are slimes in the cloak rooms and goblins in the audience. The performers are randomly chosen one of four choices:

  1. Zombies and wights
  2. Snakes and Serpentmen
  3. Ogres and Hill Giants
  4. Vampires, wraiths and grimreapers.

There is a sign in the anti room before you encounter any monsters that will give you a clue about the act that is "on stage".

Back stage and to the sides of the state are a variety of other rooms seperated by doors, each containing a different type of monster. There are stairs going down to some random dungeons just backstage.

Suggested Levels:

Depends on how far you go. To just clear the first area, maybe 4-5 for fighters and 6 for spellcasters. To clear the stage varies wildly depending on which act is there. To clear the whole map I would say at least 12th level since you need to kill a Dread and two behemouths.

Monsters Encountered:

In the main opera level:
slimes, goblins, one of {Zombies and wights| Snakes and Serpentmen | Ogres and Hill Giants | Vampires, wraiths and grimreapers.) ogres, angels, demons, skulls, behemouths, Dread, rust monster, acid spheres, trolls, small trolls, beholders.

In the random dungeon levels:
Starts out with wildmen and ogres. The wildmen are slowly replaced with dark elves over the levels and the ogres, first by small trolls who are themselves slowly replaced by hill giants.

Items Obtained:

Nothing out of the ordinary


Map Summary Provided by:
 John Santore