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North Lighthouse


A tower in the northwester section of Santo Dominion, near the city wall and docks.


A multi room tower with many large rooms with monsters and lots of boulder puzzles, some hidden areas and a few traps.

Suggested Levels:

First level 4-5 for fighters, 7+ for spell casters. It's easy to get surrounded.

Second level: 10+ to clean the level, but same as the first level if you stop when things get tough.

Third level: As the first, 4-5 for fighters, 7+ for spell casters.

Forth level 15+ to clean the level, 4-5 for fighters, 7+ for spell casters if you look before opening new areas and stop when things look too tough.

Monsters Encountered:

scorpions, bats, skeletons, ogres, gnolls, dark elves, green slimes, fighters, ninjas, sage, women, man, bees, cunning gnomes, castle guards, stalkers, goblins, kobolds, orcs, birds, demons, beholders, angels skeletons, black puddings, hill giants, wyverns, chinese dragons, pixies, ghosts, wraiths, grim reapers, xans, panthers, skulls, dread.

Other Information:

The entrance to each level is safe till someone opens a door. There are a few readily available keys right next to the entrance in the first level before the door.

Items Obtained:

Nothing out of the ordinary


Map Summary Provided by:
 John Santore