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South Lighthouse


The tower in the west central area of Santo Dominion, near the docks on the south side of the bay.


A four level tower-style dungeon. The stairs from one level to the next are all right next to each other and right next to the door, so experienced characters can do higher levels without disturbing the lower level areas.

The first level has a area of room to room dungeon crawl, and an area accessed by teleporters from one room to the next, each room has two teleporters, one to return to the last room, and one to go on to the next.

The second level is a dungeon crawl with rooms along corridors and some room to room.

The third level has some treasure guarded by large bullet walls and some guarded by lightning walls; both are behind castle guards. There are some monsters in this section but they rarely last long enough for a player to get into it. The rest of the level is a series of rooms and corridors with a fairly tough monster population. There is a bed to reality in an otherwise empty room on this level.

The forth level has a large treasure area visible behind spike doors. To lower the spikes you must get through a several large monster populations.

Suggested Levels:

For the first level, if you just take the teleporter tour and avoid hidden areas, and are polite and leave the woman where she is, then probably 4-5th for fighters and maybe 5-6th for spell casters. To clean the level then 10-15th for both.

For the second level, if you avoid the beholder and demon rooms (they are easy to see) then again 4-5th for fighters and maybe 5-6th for spell casters. Probably about 8 to clean the level.

Third level, 15+ to clean the level.

Fourth level, 10th level should be sufficient. If you can kill a room full of skulls, you can do this level.

Monsters Encountered:

man, woman, fighter, warrior, goblins, gnolls, orcs, ogres, kobolds, birds, demons, stalkers, angles, panthers, ghosts, skulls, pixies, trees, dreads, madmen, grim reapers. beholders, skeletons, bees, black puddings, green slimes, wyverns, hill giants, chinese dragons, dragon, titan, scorpions. Castle Guards.

Other Information:

You are safe the first time you enter every level. You have to open at least one door to access the monsters. There is also a large supply of keys available on levels one and two with minimum danger.

Items Obtained:

Nothing out of the ordinary


Map Summary Provided by:
 John Santore