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The small brown hut on the western side of Santo Dominion.


The map consists of two levels. On the first level you fight your way past monsters who are guarding a couple of levers. After you pull the levers you gain access to more rooms where monsters are guarding even more levers. Pretty much you have to traverse the hallway and fight room to room, lever to lever. Eventually you make it to the stairway to level 2. On level 2 it is a little different. You start out in a safe area with teleporters. Once you step on one of the teleporters you are taken to the room full of monsters and an occasional teleporter. The trick is, only one of these teleporters takes you back to the safe room (and the way out of the map).

Suggested Levels:

If you are careful, levels 4 to 6. If you want to clear the entire map, level 11 or higher.

Monsters Encountered:

Kobolds, Orcs, Wyverns, Gnolls, Dreads, Goblins, Ogres, Castle Guards

Other Information:

The Dread is in a hidden area, you don't have to fight him. But you may find him by accident...

You can also avoid facing the Wyvern, but he is guarding some treasure.

The layout and monster position of level 2 may keep you from running around and hacking anything in site.

A good amount of treasure awaits on level 2.

The castle guards will only attack if provoked.

Keep in mind that the teleporters on level 2, one takes you to safety, the others just send you to a more dangerous spot.