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Stigs Hut


Outside the city walls of Santo Dominion, follow the street north until the road turns west. Continue to travel north (leaving the road) until you see small hut near a river.


A two level maze with a very diverse monster population.

Suggested Levels:

7 or more for fighter, 8 or more for spell casters.

Monsters Encountered:

Kobolds, grim reapers, skeletons, birds, scorpions, beholders, orcs, madmen, stalkers, demon, fire elemental, ghosts, gnolls, spiders, acid blobs acid spheres, snakes, xans, cunning gnomes. Stig (friendly)

Other Information:

Stig will talk about the mudman and warn you away. Take his warning; if you don't find Stigs Hut to be easy, you will not likely be able to complete the Mudman's place.


Map Summary Provided by:
 John Santore