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The well in the center of Santo Dominion.


A cave dungeon with lots of big rooms and a huge monster population and lots of generators. Lots of stone blocks to push around to get from cave to cave.

Suggested Levels:

7 for fighters, at least 8 for spell casters because you are almost guaranteed to get surrounded and if you get surrounded by the wrong thing its unpleasant.

Monsters Encountered:

Goblins, goblin champions, ogres, hill giants, madmen, gnolls, bats, giant bats, slimes, panthers, small trolls, ants, scorpions, shadow vipers.

Items Obtained:

shadow viper's skin

Other Information:

This map is part of the quest to revive Gorgon the Warrior. There are a couple of traps to be careful of.


Map Summary Provided by:
 John Santore