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Lord Ramsdre Mansion


This building has a gray stone exterior and a brown roof and is located in the south central area of Santo Dominion.


This map gives you the opportunity to gain a random artifact. However, Lord Ramsdre has taken the effort to test you first. The map consists of three levels. Level one doesn't have much on it except some room for you to explore that give you a sense of a storyline for this map. Levels two and three are were the testing begins. Your reward is in the middle of the courtyard on level 1.

Suggested Levels:

Probably around level 13 or 14 due to the number of monsters you face and the room layout.

Monsters Encountered:

Cleaning Women, Fighters, Firechest, Red Dragons, Grim Reapers, Demilich, Black Pudding

Other Information

A Firechest, Lightning Wall, Fireball Wall and Magic Bullet Wall can easily be out run if your movement speed is fast enough.

Directors and Fireball Walls can cause you some trouble as you make your way to the level three stairwell.

Two of the monsters on level three might help you eliminate your opposition, but keep in mind you will be taking damage at the same time as well.

One of the monsters on level three has the key to the stairwell.

Be careful of the Fireball Walls, some of which are hidden.

The final monster on level three is guarding the stairwell.

You may find a valuable key on level one, it won't get you the reward -but you'll be able to see it at least.