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Mudmans Place


This map is located outside the city walls of Santo Dominion. You get there by taking the road south; then leave the road and travel through the brush and evergreens and follow the city wall west. Eventually you will see a river that is flowing northwest. Follow it until you see some ruins in a swamp.


You find out more about this map (and your reward) by talking with the blue wizard in The Golden Lion (Inn), he's located in the north east corner. Once you find Mudman's Place, you'll immediately notice that the swamp terrain can really slow down your movement. Some areas more then others. The map is broken up into small rooms and you have to find your way through all the twists and turns to where the Mudman is hiding.

Suggested Levels:

Around levels 8 to 10

Monsters Encountered:

Mud Para-Elementals, Trees, Bats, Scorpions, Giant Cobras, Giant Bats, Green Slime, Killer Bees, Behemoths, Xans, Black Pudding, Skulls, Swamp Monsters

Items Found

Mudman's Ring (armour +20)(resist poison +30)(resist slow +30)
(note: the ring is part of your reward for successfully completing the quest)

Other Information

Some of the monsters are affected by the terrain as well.

Keep in mind that certain monsters don't even move, use that to your advantage.

The terrain makes a couple of the monsters very hard to see.

Be prepared to be poisoned, have spells or other items ready for that.

The Mudman has some unexpected abilities, have a clear mind and quick feet when you encounter him.