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Little House of Horrors


A gray hut in the west central area of Santo Dominion.


The map consists of three levels. The first level is empty. The second level has a treasure chamber not far from the stairs, and there is a relatively powerful monsters waiting for you in there. But first, you have to pull the lever to open the door - the lever is somewhere else on level 2. You have to fight the monsters to get to it. Level 3 can be freely accessed from level 2, the stairs are next to each other. Now for level 3, it's tougher. First there's the monsters, and there are magic bullet walls that makes exploring more dangerous.

Suggested Levels:

Around level 6 or 7 for the second level. Around level 11 for level three.

Monsters Encountered:

Pixies, Bats, Ants, Cleaning Women, Invisible Stalkers, Behemoths, Gosts, Zombies, Trees, Angels, Grim Reapers, Skulls

Other Information:

The Magic Bullet Walls on level 3 also effect the monsters, and they make opening the chests a challenge.