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Dark Forest

This area is also known as "Dark Temple"


Leave Scorn through the eastern gate.
Walk on the road to the east, just like you are traveling to Navar.
Before the road goes up to north, there are some tiles before a brown/dark wooded spot, just 2 tiles south of the road.


A (literally) dark temple with many monsters. Hard to play, but if used right, a great place for experience. The first area is a wraparound maze, which leads to the temple area.  In there is chamber full of monsters.  After that, there are rooms connected by narrow hallways, which eventually lead to a dungeon, and finally to a trapped treasure chamber.

Suggested Levels:

If you can avoid the skeletons in the entrance maze and have learned firebolt, you can enter this area with level 4-6 character spell caster, probably 5 to 7 for a fighter class. (see below).

For the 2nd Level you must be a GOOD fighter.
I got the crystal with level 22, you must fight 2 Chinese dragons at once, so calculate your own character for it.

Monsters Encountered:

  • Trees, ents, skeletons, 2-3 wraiths and some bats (first level). You CAN use magic here!!
  • MANY vikings, small trolls, goblins etc. in the 2nd level.  NO magic here!!
  • MANY MANY angels and mad dwarfs in the 3rd level. You CAN use magic here.
    • Also a basilisk and 3 grim reapers in the 2nd part or level 3.
  • A troll, a Behemoth, a Dread beholder and 2 Chinese dragons in the 4th (dungeon) level.

Items Found:

  • A "power" crystal
    • it can store *more* than 1/2 of your spell points. The way it works is as follows:
      • when your spellpoints are full, applying the crystal will store half of your spellpoints in the crystal, up to a certain capacity (somewhere around 400 or 500sp or so, I believe).
      • when your spellpoints are not full, applying the crystal will fill up your spellpoints to full or as much as the crystal is storing.

    The way you can store more than 1/2 of your spellpoints is to store 1/2 first, recharge to full, and then store 1/2 again, etc.. After a while, you will find that applying the crystal with your spellpoints at max no longer halves it; that is when the crystal has reached maximum capacity.

  • taifu +5
  • Many rings & amulets and other random stuff, found mostly in the area where you kill tons of fighters and angels.

Other Information:

  • Get a light source, some levels are very dark.
  • The 4th level is hard, because grates will close the entry if you encounter the monsters, so you have fight 2 Chinese dragons in a small room face to face at the same time.
  • Because the grates close the entry you will have only 1 try to go for the last level.  If you die, you must wait for a map reset.
  • The last level holds the crystal, and is a big, big trap. use the "find traps" and "disarm trap" skill every single step and don't run up!. Drop a item on the place you got the crystal (you remember Indiana Jones?).
  • The first level will give you nearly 1 million experience, sometimes more.
  • All the trees on the first level move in a pattern, I think it is called the, "Dance of Death."

Other Suggestions:

  • A CVS update on 9-Feb-2001 increased the difficulty of this area, and changed the appearance of the map is a couple of areas.
  • You want boost your character in 2 hours from level 6 to level 12?
    And also bring the priest & spell caster ability to level 6-8?
    Then you should play this map.
  • The power crystal is a "must have" item for spell caster.  When you apply it, it stores 1/2 of your mana, apply the crystal to store the mana initially, apply it again to get your mana back.
  • The Taifu +5 is found at the end of the 2nd level. Go for it!
  • Then you should be follow the god Mostrai and pray on his altar, with the taifu wielded. You will have a taifu +5 of Mostrai then, slaying giants and goblins and gains the weapon magic damage type. Also the taifu gives you ac -5. It is the perfect weapon for a spell caster, because it lowers your ac and has a fast attack rate, and is light enough to not effect spellcasting.
  • An inside tip on this map, is that the trees gives you a really huge amount of experience and they will not attack you (if you stay back.) So stay back, pray like hell and cast your "cause minor wounds" or "cause medium/serious wounds" on the trees. If your a starter, you have to avoid some skeletons and then you can boost your priest skills.
  • The ents are hard but not very aggressive. You can kill them easily with 2-3 firebolts. See if you can "line up" and kill 2 ents at once, this saves time and mana.

Map Summary Provided by:
Michael Toennies

Glowing Crystal Info Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH