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Fortress Ang


A large castle at the coast, north of Navar.


You see a way leading west. Grass around you, and you see the southeast corner room of the castle (from the outside).

Suggested Levels:

Usually 10-15, depending on skills and experience.

Monsters Encountered:

Kobolds, ants, slime, goblins, bats, birds, bees, orcs, castleguards, grimreaper, demons, beholders, scorpions, wraiths, pixies, skulls, skorpions, zombies, madmen, ghosts, gnolls, ogres, panthers, snakes, hill giants, small trolls, killer bees, trees, giant bats, vampires, dark elves, 1 titan

Items Found:

1 random artifact

Other Information:

  • The monster list may be incomplete, since only a few monsters are encountered when you go straight for the random artifact.
  • Obviously the titan guards the artifact :-)
  • The map is considered "essential"; it is one of the two important sources for random artifacts.


Map Summary Provided by:
Christian Stieber

Map Summary Update Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH