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Tower of Stars


The tower is located southeast of the City of Scorn, about half way to the Brittany (Brest.)  You have to cross the mountains and hills to find it.


The map consists of several floors, and each floor have a specific theme or function (i.e. library, barracks, etc.)  All the levels are accessible by stairs, but getting to the stairs require (in some cases) special keys, a password, or killing the guards protecting the stair way.  The difficulty increases as you ascend the tower, or if you enter the dungeon.

Suggested Levels:

The suggested level depends on what level of the tower you are at, and it isn´t necessary to kill everything on all the levels.  For instance, killing all the castle guards on the entrance level isn´t necessary, same with the cleaning woman, men, and woman.  So, here are the suggested levels, based on the tower level:

  • Dungeon level : Level 9 or higher (castle guards, and others...)
  • Servant´s level: Level 4 or so (men, woman, cleaning maids)
  • Entrance level: Level 11 or higher (can be avoided)
  • Barracks level: Level 7 or 8
  • Officers level: Level 7 or 8
  • Library level: Nothing to fight here
  • Laboratory: level 8 or 9 (requires some careful planning)
  • Yqreth´s Chamber: level 8 or 9 (again, requires careful planning)


Monsters Encountered:

Castle Guards, Cleaning Woman, Woman, Men, Special Name Monsters (look like regular warriors, but tougher: Aggressive Warriors, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Captain, Major), Demons, Raaz, Angels, Lich (more Special Name Monsters in the Dungeon, but it was taking to long to kill the Castle Guards to get in there.)

Items Found:

Spellbook of Comet - level 8 Wizard Spell
The Luggage - container, maximum weight 1,000.0 kg
Random wands, hymnals, and spellbooks, and other magical stuff like rings, amulets and scrolls..

Other Information:

  • A password is required to access the higher levels in the tower, the password can be found in the tower, but it require quite a bit of combat to get it.
  • Get used to attacking and running away to heal back up, it is necessary unless you are a very high level.
  • The Luggage is very valuable since it can hold so much, and sells for a good price too.