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Strange Mountain


Exit Scorn through the eastern gate, continue on the road east, and continue to follow the road as it turns north.  Stop at the section of road that turn east.  From this location head north into the wilderness.  Eventually you will see a cave.  Enter the cave, and follow the valley through the mountains.  Once that is done, you should see another map on an island.  That is your destination - getting there is part of solving the map.


You have to fight your way through the gauntlet of monsters.  The first level of the map is circular shaped, you start in the center and spiral outward.  After completing that level, you go down to another level which is a series of rooms where monsters guard special keys.

Suggested Levels:

Level 12 or higher, certain potions are almost essential, and a good selection of equipment is necessary.

Monsters Encountered:

Raas, Demons, Dark Angels, Scorpions, Earth Elementals, Trees, Grim Reapers, Giants, Beholders, Wyverns, Faeries, Chinese Dragons, Faerie Dragons, Black Pudding, Red Dragons

Items Found:

Spellbook of Dragon Breath (level 12)
Spellbook of Ball Lightning (level 9)
Random spellbooks
Random potions

Other Information:

  • The terrain slows down your movement, so the trees have more opportunies to attack you.
  • Many of the rooms on level one are sectioned off by earth walls.
  • Some earth walls hide treasure.
  • Some earth walls are false walls.
  • Watch out for runes!
  • Some rooms are "no-magic" rooms.
  • Older versions of this map had the hymnal/prayerbook "Immunity to Fire" as the treasure at the end.