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Barud-Dur is a small gray tower in the mountain range northeast of the City of Scorn.  Actually, it is almost due north once you exit Scorn through the Eastern Gate.


Most of the map consists of large rooms full of monsters and generators.  Each of the rooms is connected by a long hallway.  The entrance room requires you to figure out which buttons need a boulder on them in order to open all the gates that divide the rooms and hallways.  After that, there are three teleporters that take you from section to section.

Suggested Levels:

Due to the size and arrangement of the rooms, this can be pretty tricky.  But level 9 in all classes will find it challenging, while level 11 or higher will probably find it easy.

Monsters Encountered:

Ghosts, Grim Reapers, Bees, Beholders, Madmen, Stalkers, Gnolls, Wyverns, Hill Giants, Skulls, Scorpions, Trolls, Baby Trolls, Ants, Ogres, Skeletons, Pixies.

Other Information:

  • The generators are in protected alcoves, so destroying them is a little more of a challenge.
  • The hallways are very narrow, so it is a great spot for spells like summon elemental, holy servant, avatar, golem, etc.
  • There is an exit from the map at the very end, so you donĀ“t have to back track.
  • Not all the monster can fit in the hallway, so you are relatively safe if you have to flee from a room.