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Kjerringhala Cave


The entrance is a cave, south east of Navar, just around the bay.


The map is an underground maze with locked doors and teleporters.  Eventually you find a tunnel that leads you to an island where the Ancient Hut is located.  The Hut has an earthwall maze for you to hack your way through.

Suggested Levels:

Level 6 to 8, but beware of the Grim Reapers and Skulls.

Monsters Encountered:

Kobolds, Scorpions, Goblins, Orcs, Birds, Skeletons, Ogres, Ghosts, Skulls, Grim Reapers, Gnolls, Mice

Other Information:

  • Monsters can use teleporters, too.
  • Any time you go up stairs, or use a teleporter, a Grim Reaper is waiting at the other end.